This is a fork of Jef Poskanzer's popular thttpd server, which you can read about on his page. When the gentoo ebuild was abandoned in March 2012, I decided to take a look at this package. Since upstream considered this project "done" and was not accepting any new patches, and since the Gentoo tree had a backlog of patches going back to 2006, I decided let it get tree cleaned. However, the masses revolted! So, I decided the only sensible thing was to fork the code and create an avenue for people who wanted to continue patching the code. My major contribution to the fork was to revamp the build system and modernize it. That was an almost total rewrite. However, the codebase remains essentially the same, plus the dozen or so Gentoo patches that we'd collected along the way.

The project got named sthttpd because practically every other name was taking. So something like "supported" thttpd made sense to me. Except for that change, it aims to be a drop in replacement for thttpd.