Tin Hat 20101219 is released.

This is mostly a maintenance release addressing a some bugs. The toolchain was kept steady, except for a minor bump in glibc. There were about 120 version bumps and 20 new packages added, including some extra xorg video drivers covering a wider range of hardware.

One bug addressed was the python -c "import ctypes" bug. Due to a change in PaX protection, allocating a page RXW and then dropping X is no longer allowed. This caused python-2.6.5 to fail to import ctypes leading to problems in some programs like gnome-chess. Upstream fixed the bug as of 2.6.6 and this is now included.

Tor-ramdisk 20101207 released

We did a lot of work in this release. First, I moved the build scripts to a git repo for more public expose of that development. You can see the gitweb summary here. Mostly I decided to coalesce the x86 and x86_64 build systems since they were nearly identical except for some minor name differences. The MIPS build remains separate but I may coalesce that with ARM which is coming!

Tor-ramdisk 20101011 released for i686 only

This is an early release to address a bug in the dhcp client for the i686 port only. We did not update tor which remains stable at, but we did update busybox updated to 1.17.2 and the kernel to + Gentoo's hardened-patches-2.6.32-22.extras.

We saw no reason to update the x86_64 port, nor the MIPS port since tor hasn't budge from in months.

Tin Hat 20100901 is out.

This release concentrated mostly on maintenance. The toolchain was kept constant with only a minor bump to glibc. The only major change to the hardening was the kernel which was bumped from the 2.6.32 branch to the newer 2.6.34. While the .32 branch has long term support, .34 has more interesting goodies, like nouveau for nvidia graphics. We have not enabled these yet, but decided that we want to start making use of them in the future and so made the leap.

Tor-ramdisk 20100618 released

Come and get 'em! The tor team recently released so its time for new images. Over at hardened Gentoo, I also got the new hardened patchset ready for kernel and busybox is now stable at 1.16.1, so the timing could not be better.

There were no issues with the upgrade for the i686 and x86_64 ports. A minor problem had to do with compiling static binaries with our new and improved hardened toolchain on uclibc over at Gentoo, and while I still haven't figured out what's going on, an easy work around did not delay the release of the tor-ramdisk images.

Tin Hat 20100601 is out.

This release was long in the waiting, but finally we came up with something we're happy with. While we didn't add any new packages, there were over 250 updates coming from Gentoo, including numerous bug fixes and feature additions. The gnome suite is up to version 2.28.2 and firefox is at 3.6.3. All in all, the desktop is a nice working environment.

Tor-ramdisk 20100405 released

Recently, the tor team released a new stable version and so we updated the tor-ramdisk images for the i686, x86_64 and MIPS. Everything else was kept the same in the i686 and x86_64 ports, but for the MIPS we upgraded the kernel to plus the OpenWRT patch set. This extended support from the original Mikrotik RB433AH board to now included the RB433UAH and RB450G. The RB450G has a clear advantage over its sister boards in that the former has 256MB of RAM while the later provide only 128MB. This makes possible much larger storage space for tor's cached files.

Tor-ramdisk 20100309 released

Its time for new tor-ramdisk images! The Tor team recently released and which included major improvement to performance by choosing the entry guards weighted by advertised bandwidth rather than uniformly. We followed suit by producing new images for all three supported archs, i686, x86_64 and MIPS based on We also took this opportunity to upgrade busybox to 1.15.3 and to add a new feature to our build script: now one can build a debug image in addition to the production image.

Tin Hat 20100219 is out.

This release does not incorporate any feature enhancements, but polishes up the 20091218 release. No new packages were introduced and the 70 or so updated packages were just minor version bumps reflecting bug fixes. It was important, however, to sync upstream with Gentoo and so we took the opportunity to spruce up the theme with new artwork for both the GDM and the desktop. We went with a green plus tin grey theme, overlaying a circuit board. Something different to break from the purely abstract images of the past.

Tor-ramdisk 20100125

This release comes close on the heels of the last one to accommodate an important upstream security fix. Due to a break of their servers, the tor team has had to rotate two of the seven v3 authority keys. The only change to our image was bumping tor to version The change was incorporated into all of our supported arches, i686, x86_64 and MIPS. Since privacy is the hallmark of tor, the natural question is, did the breach compromise anonymity. The answer is no because tor requires consensus of four of the seven v3 authorities for its directory.
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